About Us

KARYA Technologies is a comprehensive Global Enterprise Solutions Provider and a System Integrator. With our solid Competencies and rich Experience, we provide world-class Information Technology Solutions to our Global Clients in optimal Time and Cost. We help Businesses thrive and outperform in today’s rapidly-changing world by our three distinct yet closely-related Information Technology Services.

Our broad array of Offerings includes comprehensive services for Cloud, Enterprise Software, Application Development, Digital Transformation, Data Management, Quality Assurance and IT Infrastructure Management. KARYA Technologies is conscious of the fact that every Industry and Firm have its own uniqueness and every aspect of our Technology Solution reflects the last mile functionality by the way of our Industry Solutions. The scope of service offerings can vary from targeted problem solving to fully Managed Services. We have a proven Global Delivery Model built on mature processes endowed with Agility, Efficiency and Professionalism.

Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

Our Advisory Services help Companies in determining the Right Strategies, Roadmaps, Architecture and Implementation Plans. Be it ERP, CRM, Web/ Mobile Application Development, Open Source Technologies, Data Management, IT Infrastructure, Security, Cloud and Big Data, we assist you in making the right choices to begin with.


Solutions Delivery

Solutions Delivery

Our Solutions Delivery Services are aimed at materializing the Strategies by implementing the right Technology components in a manner best-suited to your Business.


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Fully Managed Services

Further, our 24*7 Operations, Maintenance & Production Support services help Companies keep their Enterprise IT systems highly Available, high Performing and constantly Updated.



Our Vision

To be a Global Leader in providing Advanced Technology Solutions for Businesses.


Our Mission

To provide state-of-the-art Information Technology Solutions for Global Organizations in meeting their complex Business challenges. Along with the course, we strive to add value to all our Stakeholders – Customers, Employees, Trading Partners, Investors and Statutory Bodies.


Quality Gurantee

KARYA Technologies’ Objective is Total Customer Satisfaction through quality offerings. Quality in general refers to “Conformance to Specifications” of the final deliverables. We at KARYA have re-defined Quality and taken it to the highest level. By Quality we mean high standards of engagement, right from Pre-Sales to Solutions Delivery and beyond. In all aspects of our engagement, be it an e-mail communication or a JAD Session or a Technical Design or the ultimate Code deliverables, KARYA lives and breathes Quality. We believe that high Quality Standards can be achieved only when the defined Standards, Policies, Procedures and Practices are applied early-on and followed through the entire Relationship. Quality is about pro-activeness and persistence.

Our Core Values

Flexibility Scalability Hi-Availability Team-work Collaboration Responsiveness Quick TAT Agility Efficiency Professionalism Technology & Innovation Time Consciousness Cost Consciousness Leanness Quality Commitment Communication Leadership Responsibility Trust Integrity Top-Notch problem solving Excellence Continuous learning Competency Client Focus

Corporate Responsibility

We practice Business conduct guidelines in every aspect of Strategy, Tactics and Daily Operations. We act responsibly with our Clients, Employees, Vendors, Statutory bodies and other Stakeholders including the world around us.


We build long-lasting Relationships with our Clients using our Core Values – Agility, Efficiency, Professionalism and Innovation. We strive to be a highly Client-Focused Organization whose Objective is to meet and beat the Clients’ Expectations. Further, we are Ethical, Transparent, Reliable and Persistent. We spare no efforts in solving their current problems and ensuring long-term Value to them.


We believe in Sustainable Development. We practice and preach Eco-friendly Green Technologies where possible.


We treat our Employees fairly with dignity and respect, protecting their rights and ensuring a secure workplace to thrive and attain their potential. We strongly believe our definition of diversity expands to many dimensions. Our programs are focused towards addressing the challenges that exist in the work places and society at large. We believe in Diversity and Inclusion.


We act and operate as a responsible member of the Global Society. We respect the local Traditions and Customs of any Geography. We also help the society through Financial contributions and other constructive Social Works.

History and Overview

KARYA Technologies was founded in the year 2007 by a highly-successful entrepreneur, Mr. Bala Balasubramanian. The Company is headquartered in Blue Bell, PA, USA with a state-of-the-art Global Delivery Center (GDC) at Chennai, India.

We strongly believe the success of our Organization resides in the People we hire and the Processes we follow in fulfilling our Clients’ Information Technology needs. We started-off as a Mobile Application Development Company, expanded our Competencies and Service Capabilities in Microsoft, Oracle, Transformative Digital Technologies, Open Source, Infrastructure, Security, Cloud and Big Data. On the Functional side, we built proficiencies in various Business Software products (ERPs /CRMs). We perfected the art of Business Analysis and Project Management. We focus on solving specific Industry domain problems.

Today, we are a well-balanced Global Information Technology Solutions Provider and a System Integrator, employing over 500 competent Global Employees. With a proven Global Engagement and Delivery Model built on mature Processes and efficient Collaboration Techniques, we are successfully serving over 250 Clients from 25 Countries across 15 different Industry Verticals by recommending, implementing and maintaining state-of-the-art Information Technology Systems to address the ever-growing Business challenges of our Global Clients.

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