Bala Balasubramanian

Group CEO

With 35 years of abundant IT Experience, Bala pioneered KARYA Technologies’ Inception. He founded J&B Software in 1984 and spearheaded J&B's growth into an Industry Leader. With over 20 years of work in developing Advanced Payment Processing Solutions at J&B Software, Bala has brought together Innovative Technologies, Business Expertise and Entrepreneurial Skills to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to more than 165 Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies across US and Canada.

This unique accomplishment has made him a very Successful Entrepreneur with a great Vision in embarking on new and niche Ventures. Besides providing Vision and Strategic guidance for KARYA Technologies, Bala enjoys Golfing.



Venkatkumar Navaneethakrishnan

CEO India/VP Global Services

Venkat has helped KARYA Technologies grow from a Start-up to a Global Enterprise. He has been the driving force behind the Company’s initial Growth, continuous Expansion and Innovation. Over the years, his passion and commitment to formulate sound Business & Technology Strategies coupled with precise Execution has been propelling KARYA Technologies’ rapid growth. Under his leadership, KARYA dramatically scaled up its Competencies, Resources, Infrastructure, Global Engagement and Delivery Processes. He has been instrumental in forging strategic alliances that are crucial to leading the Company into the new digital age. He continues to manage the Vision, Strategy, Engineering and Operations of KARYA Technologies.

Prior to taking over as the CEO of KARYA Technologies, Venkat brought to the table over 20 years of IT experience, catering to the North American market. In the heydays of ERP, he spearheaded several successful implementations for Fortune 500 companies in the US and Canada. During those days he was a Subject Matter Expert in Supply Chain, Corporate Finance and Human Resource Management. Venkat developed the Business acumen across various Industry verticals and more importantly mastered the art of fulfilling diverse Stakeholder expectations. Subsequently, Venkat matured to advise Organizations in contemporary strategies for their Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture and Integration Services. He has proven People and Managerial skills in running large ventures both in profit and non-profit settings. Venkat holds a ME Degree from BITS-Pilani and MBA (MIS) from Temple University Philadelphia.